Tulsa Residents On Edge After Spree of Violent Crimes

The spree of violent crimes targeting the city of Tulsa the past few days has many residents concerned about their safety.

"It's everywhere. It doesn't matter where you are," said Carla Leather who lives in Tulsa.

Leatherman said she and her son don't feel safe with all the violent crimes happening left and right.

"He is not even safe to ride his bike in the street or be out in the front lawn with a football in fear that somebody is going to drive by and shoot him," Leatherman said.

In the past six days we've seen a number of shootings in the city of Tulsa.

"These types of shootings and to happen just like they are back to back to back is definitely not the norm, but it does but everybody on high alert," said Carol Bush, Crime Prevention Network Executive Director.

Last Thursday a 14 -year- old girl was killed in a drive by shooting Then Monday morning someone shot a pregnant woman. Hours later there was a triple shooting at a Walmart and then this morning a man was shot in the head at an apartment complex. Three people, including an innocent child, have been killed in the last six days. Bush said many of these crimes are unpredictable.

"The pregnant girl that was shot that was apparently that was a domestic from her brother so how do you prevent that. You don't necessarily do. Walmart drug deal or robbery gone bad. Those are things that you can't really predict," Bush said.

While these shootings may not be happening on your street, Bush said it affects every single Tulsan..

"It doesn't matter where it happens. When it happens it affects this city. If we are trying to grow economically and bring in new businesses and improve our quality of life here. It doesn't matter where the shooting is. Once it hits the news that's a black mark on Tulsa," Bush said.

Right now police advise residents to be extra vigilant.

"I think the key thing is that you always want to be concerned of your safety, but we can not live in fear in society. We can not have a society where we live in fear. I always tell anyone who always have to be aware of your surroundings whether it's day time or night time," said Ofc. Leland Ashley with the Tulsa Police Department.

Ofc. Ashley said while we are experiencing a cycle of violence right now, we have fewer homicides so far this year. There have been 17 homicides between January and May 2014. Last year there were 31 homicides during the first five months of the year.