Tulsa Residents Push to Rename The Brady District

The Brady Arts District has grown considerably with the opening of several restaurants, businesses and most recently the Woody Guthrie Center. However, some Tulsa residents are pushing to rename the area due to the controversial history of a Tulsa Founder.

Tate Brady, a founder of the City of Tulsa, was reportedly a member of the Ku Klux Klan. According to one Tulsan, Brady was responsible for much of the Tulsa Race Riots in 1921.

"Tate Brady was responsible for the division," Tulsa resident Kristi Williams said. "Let's name it the reconciliation district so we can say this is about coming together, not keeping separate."

According to Williams, more than 100 people are behind the group pushing to take the matter of renaming the district to city council members.

"We aren't asking that they change the name," James Johnson, Tulsa resident said. "We are demanding because what the name stands for and represents."

Johnson has not been in the Downtown Tulsa area because of the Brady name.

Despite the backlash towards the name, some Tulsans believe it would be better to learn from the past rather than changing a name.

"I don't condone certainly some of the things that happened in our past, but I wouldn't want to abandon the richer cultural decisions that came from our past," Tulsa resident, Phillip Harris said.

Others have said that the Brady Arts District has a strong community bond despite the dark history surrounding Tate Brady.

"Since I have lived here for many years and its always been known as the Brady Theater and the Brady District, I think it has become a community and this area has a real community feel," Kaye Berryhill, Tulsa resident.