Tulsa Roughnecks Unveil Official Logo For 2015

The Tulsa Roughnecks today unveiled the new team's official colors, logos and uniforms. The Roughnecks will take the field in the spring of 2015 in USL PRO with the primary colors of orange and navy blue in their home and road kits.

The new logo features an iconic oil derrick set on top of a bold placement of Tulsa Roughnecks FC, the team's official name. The renewed Tulsa Roughnecks FC logo is a tribute to the Tulsa's legacy as the "Original Oil Capital of the World" and to the hard-working roughnecks who put Tulsa on the map. The oil derrick, the centerpiece of our new crest, stands for our strength, tenacity, hard work, determination and power. The navy blue and Roughneck orange make up our official team colors and represent the loyal Tulsa community and our electric fans.

As with the team's overall brand identity, the team's marks and branding were designed in collaboration with Brandiose, a sports-branding company; and Walsh Branding, a local Tulsa branding and marketing agency. Both Brandiose and Walsh have a long history of working with teams and organizations to develop brands and their identities.

The team will have three uniform combinations, with the third kit paying tribute to the "original" soccer Roughnecks and their 1983 North American championship, the only major sports title ever for the city of Tulsa.

At home, Tulsa will wear orange tops with the option of combining them with either orange or white shorts.

On the road, the Roughnecks will feature navy blue jerseys with either navy or white shorts.

Both the home and road jerseys will also feature a lightly sublimated star on the backs with the number 83 inset. It is to honor the original Roughnecks 1983 championship in the old North American Soccer League.

The alternate kits are replicas of the original kits that the original Roughnecks wore in their inaugural season in 1978. The alternate kits feature the original colors of red, white and black.

The uniforms will be white with a pair of red stripes surrounding a black stripe, running vertically on both the jersey and shorts. The jerseys will have red numbers with a black outline. Sublimated lightly on the back will be the original Roughnecks logo with a roughneck soccer player in front of an oil derrick.

It is anticipated that all three versions will eventually feature a sponsor logo or message on the fronts.

"Our Roughnecks are a new team in the USL PRO league, and we wanted to give it a new and modern look," said Roughneck General Manager Mike Melega. "At the same time, we wanted to pay homage to the original Roughnecks who helped popularize the game of soccer in our city, and we feel like we have done that with our third kit."

The Roughnecks also announced that a full line of merchandise featuring the team's new logo and colors is now on sale. Items are available at the Black Gold Outfitters store at ONEOK Field, Monday through Friday from 9AM until 5PM and during the Tulsa Drillers playoff games this week. Merchandise can also be purchased online through the team's official website,

All of the kits will be manufactured by Admiral Sports, who supplied the original kit for the Roughnecks in 1978. Admiral has supplied uniforms for some of the biggest soccer teams in the world for 100 years.

"Admiral is an iconic British sports brand with 100 years of soccer heritage," Admiral Sports CEO Paul Hamburger stated. "We are excited to be working with the Roughnecks and look forward to sharing in their success for years to come. We know that they will bring tremendous sports entertainment to the Tulsa market and we will be there to help support them every step of the way."

Season tickets for the Roughnecks inaugural 2015 season in USL PRO are also now on sale with the club taking $75 per seat deposits to help fans ensure seating priority for games at ONEOK Field. Tickets can be purchased in person at ONEOK Field, over the telephone by calling (918)744-5901 or online at