Tulsa Schools Announce Plans to Make Up Snow Days

Tulsa school officials have announced plans to make up school days after a recent snow storm forced them to keep students at home.

Two snow days that were not previously built into the schedule were added on Monday and Tuesday. Tulsa Public Schools only had five days to use for inclement weather.

A spokesperson for TPS told KTUL that both days used this week would be made up in two different ways.

Monday's snow day means that students will have to go to school on March 14. It was previously a parent-teacher conference day.

And for the class time lost on Tuesday, students will now have a regular full day of instruction on April 4 if members of the Board of Education approve the measure. That day was previously an early release day.

Additionally, if the Board approves, students also will have to make up class time missed by adding 12 minutes to the school day through April.

School officials will meet next week to decide on the last two measures.

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