Tulsa Schools in Session, Won't Let Out Early

Tulsa Public School administrators say they will not let school out early as winter weather moves into the metro region.

Superintendent Keith Ballard says releasing students early creates a safety hazard.

"That really is a dangerous thing to do because most parents are at work," Ballard said. "We have a responsibility to get kids to school safely as possible and then get them home."

Ballard said district officials began surveying road conditions and the condition of school sidewalks and parking lots at 4 a.m. this morning.

"We look at a number of conditions, by five o'clock this morning we believed we could get them safely home," Ballard said. "We also believe we can get them safely home."

Tulsa and most other metro school districts are in session today after being closed on Monday.

Several districts outside of the metro region have closed. You can view the full list of closings at

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