How Tulsa School Athletics Changed After Embezzlement Investigation

Tulsa Public Schools athletic department is moving forward with a new team since a scandal and accusations. Now, there is more paperwork that comes with renting a stadium and it's also more expensive.

Gil Cloud took over as Athletic Director of the district in 2012. Before that there were allegations of mishandling funds from facilities rentals.

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Since then, they have made changes. Now, at a game, the money from ticket sales goes to the bank at halftime, while players are still on the court. This is one of the policies the board has mandated, and a procedure all coaches and schools must follow.

Eligibility is another sensitive issue. A player who changes schools, must now sit out a year of athletics. The game plan is to go by the book, so there are fewer discrepancies about an issue.

"We set a policy we were going to follow, which was a board policy and we stuck by it 100-percent. They know that I am not, we are not going to circumvent board policy or our procedures in the athletic department," said Cloud, who oversees 400 coaches and 3,000 student athletes.

Another change has been that coaches take a compliance test to make sure they understand requirements from the state regarding eligibility and also police in place, on a local level.