Tulsa Schools Receive Five Proposals for Former Barnard Site

Discussions continued this week on the future of the land where the former Barnard Elementary School once stood.

Tulsa Public School officials received five proposals from companies interested in developing the land. This was after a previously proposal made earlier this year was dropped due to a lack of neighborhood support, in spite of a $1.3 million offer for the property.

According to a spokeswoman for TPS, the purchase amount for the proposals ranged from $400,000 to $1.5 million. Among the bidders were:

1. Lindsay Development LLC - 18 single family residential lots

2. Three Bears LLC - gated residential subdivision

3. TMA Systems - corporate headquarters

4. PCA - single family residences and a neighborhood park

5. Barnard Land Co, LLC - single family homes and neighborhood park

The former Barnard school burned down last year leaving the Tulsa School of Arts & Sciences without a home for a couple of months.

"We know that the site is a huge importance to them just as it is for us," developer Hailey Hinch said. "All three of our backgrounds, my partners and I, all have something to do with Barnard Elementary or growing up in Tulsa and we love the historic presence that Tulsa has."

A meeting was held back in August as developers discussed with residents the possibility of selling the land valued at more than $1 million.