Tulsa Sees Sharp Decrease In Water Use; Conservation Still Urged

The City of Tulsa reports that Tulsans used 191-point-4 million gallons of water Tuesday -- a sharp decline from the record-setting total seen on Monday, but they are still urging people to use water wisely.Monday's record of 204.47 million gallons was the third straight day water usage in the city topped 200-million gallons. It comes as Tulsa is in the middle of a heat wave that has seen 100-degree heat 17 times this summer, including 15 times this month and six consecutive days.Clayton Edwards, Deputy Director of Environmental Operations for the City of Tulsa, says while the city appears to have dodged a bullet right now and credits the city's public education campaign with Tuesday's lower usage.But, he says there is no end in sight to the heat wave and residents should continue to conserve water if possible.The City of Tulsa has two water treatment plants which provide capacity of 220 million gallons a day. Voluntary water rationing is triggered when the city reaches 94-percent of that capacity -- or about 206 million gallons -- for two consecutive days.Edwards says most of the water used in the summer goes to landscaping, grass and flowers and says allowing the grass to grow longer will help as taller grass holds moisture better. He also suggests watering lawns early in the morning to minimize evaporation. Over-watering should also be avoided ad soil can only hold so much moisture. The rest runs off.In addition, Edwards buckets of water are better than using a hose to water plants.