Tulsa Sheriff Files Injunction Against DOC to Ease Jail Overcrowding

Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz is making a move to ease jail overcrowding.

Glanz filed a request for an injunction against the Department of Corrections Director on Tuesday.

Glanz wants DOC inmates waiting for transfer from the Tulsa jail to be moved immediately.

"We've made multiple, multiple requests for the Department of Corrections to get their inmates, because there is an overcrowding issue and it's significant," said Major Shannon Clark of the Tulsa Co. Sheriff's Office.

The current jail population is 1,826, while the maximum capacity is 1,714.

129 of those inmates are waiting for a DOC transfer.

According to Clark, one of the biggest issues is reimbursement.

The Dept. of Corrections reimburses county jails $27 per day for housing inmates.

"In a smaller county, that may be great," Clark explained. "But in a county our size, where it takes $59 a day to house somebody, that's not a really good return on your investment."

The jail population has exceeded capacity for 122 straight days.