Tulsa Sheriff's Deputies Bust Four For Alleged Heroin Operation


Deputies with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office have arrested four individuals for the reported possession and distribution of heroin, concluding a six-month investigation.

As a part of their investigation, the TCSO conducted search warrants at three locations today, and at each location, they reportedly found heroin hidden away along with cash and other items, such as digital scales.

Deputies arrested Julio Cesar Mojica-Garcia, 20, and Dulce Adriana Vizcarra-Vivanco, 28, after serving a search warrant at 4111 East 51st Street Thursday morning shortly before 9 a.m. Inside the residence, deputies reported finding 61 grams of heroin in the closet. Also in the closet, was $13,399, police say. Digital scales and a bag of empty balloons was found in an air conditioner vent in the residence, the police report states.

Deputies arrested Miguel Casarez-Duran, 21, after he reportedly consented to have his residence at 123 North 128th searched. Deputies reported finding a black taped ball containing heroin in a kitchen cabinet along with $39,500, numerous cell phones and digital scales.

At 9 a.m. deputies also arrested Ulises Niatos Silva, 23, at 13009 East 27th Place after finding balloons full of heroin packaged for sale and $3,117. Silva reportedly told police his only job was selling heroin.

All four suspects were booked on complaints of trafficking a controlled drug, the possession and reception of drug proceeds and the possession of drug paraphernalia.

Shannon Clark with the TCSO said the heroin that was seized had likely come to Tulsa through Mexican cartels. Clark said the amount of cash that was seized, $56,000 along with the total of six ounces of pure heroin is "a big deal for here in Tulsa."

Clark also said that Mexican heroin is making a big push back into the Tulsa community,