Tulsa Shock Finishes Home Games, Looks Forward to Playoffs

The Tulsa Shock has yet to bring home a national championship since coming to Tulsa is 2009. But team president, Steve Swetoha, says a championship is on the way.

Swetoha knows Tulsa has three more games on the road that will determine playoff status. However, he says the team has scored a win for Tulsa financially. He says the Shock brings in professional teams that guarantee hotel expenses and draws fans that eat and drink downtown.

He says the result is sales tax dollars for the city. Swetoha also says the team has high ranking sales and sponsorships in the league.

"We have a team committed to brining a championship here and I know that is easier said than done but we have had to build this team from the ground up and that is from drafting really good players, young players, rookies out of college," he said.

The Tulsa Sports Commission says now that the Shock is here, Tulsa can't afford to lose them as the team brings a higher quality of life.