Tulsa Shock Host China's Women's Olympic Team

The beep from the ticket scanner was a familiar sound as folks entered the BOK, but the greeting they were met with sounded a little foreign.

Ni Hao, Ni Hao!

The language is from China, the students from Jenks Middle School, greeters for the Shock versus the Chinese Women's National Olympic Team.

"We received great hospitality from the local people," said the team's translator.

Liu Dan and her teammates are wrapping up their US tour in T-town after visiting Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

"It is hard but having a teacher who is completely fluent really helps," said Bishop Kelley Sophomore Claire Neel, studying the language and giving us a lesson about the significance of the dragon on display during the pre-game show.

"A lot of people think dragons are associated with fire but they're actually associated with water. So during the Chinese New Year the dragon dance would be to bring in new rain, so it's actually more similar to what Native American rain dances are," she said.

Of course, not everyone ion the crowd was from Tulsa.

"I hope China will win, but I also like Tulsa team," said Ji Min. She is an exchange teacher, who's been in Owasso for nearly a year.

"Oklahoma is especially people here are very nice, so they open the door for other people. And then they say hi even to other strangers," she said.

And yesterday the Shock displayed some of the hospitality by taking their guests to lunch.

"We had a reception yesterday, and so we gave them a traditional American dish, we gave them BBQ, so they were kind of excited about that," said Shock player Tiffany Jackson.