Tulsa Staple Coney Island Re-Opened In Downtown

Coney Island's old building being torn down

Downtown Tulsa staple Coney Island is officially up and running in its new "old" spot Wednesday.

The restaurant opened its doors bright and early -- and two people were already in line waiting to get their hands on the famous coneys.

It's on 108 West 4th St, east of Cheyenne in downtown Tulsa.

The hot dog shop had to move across the street because their old building was torn down -- and right back into the old spot they occupied from 1946 to 1995.

The original location opened back in 1926 by Christ Economou.

It was taken over by his son Jim in 1973 and later on, by Jim's sister Georgia. She runs it now with her husband and son, keeping their motto, "Same family, same great coney."

Some last-minute preparations pushed the grand re-opening date from last Friday to this Wednesday, April 4th.