Tulsa Storm Debris Removal Going Slowly But Surely

Tulsa debris removal for July 30th

City Crews are busy with debris removal, but say they've seen a few slow spots, in the process.{}City workers are continuing storm debris removal across Tulsa, collecting more than 7,000 cubic yards of green waste{}by Thursday evening and continued today.

But some residents are concerned the process is taking so long. "They told us they were going to pick it up you know pretty fast. 'we are going to work.' Then all of a sudden like 'no, we are not pay the overtime just regular business hours we will get to you when we can,'" explained Elva Olvos, who was waiting on her debris to be picked up.

Debris removal began on the outer edges of town on Monday and about 120 city workers plan to make one pass through all residential streets for collection. Workers from streets, land maintenance and security are part of the team picking up limbs and leaves.

According to city officials, citizen drop-off totals are 4,662 cubic yards and city crews have collected 7,187 cubic yards over the past four days.

Tree limbs and debris must be in four-foot bundles and placed by the curb. Crews will not pick up any other waste mixed in.

Tim McCorkle, who oversees the streets department says his crews are short about 15 employees, because they have not been permitted to hire replacements. He also says they have a major piece of machinery is also in the shop. Those issues have made a challenging job even harder, he says.

"They just have to be patient because we only have so many people that can do so much a day. We only have so much equipment, plus you have breakdowns. Yesterday I think we had three flat tires," said McCorkle.

Midtown is the hardest area hit. McCorkle says they have saved that area for last, to give residents more time to prepare.

Once you see your home or area in the shaded areas of the map, you should have your debris ready to be collected.

People can also drop off debris and limbs at the city's green waste site, located on 10401 E. 56th St. North.

It is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily.