Tulsa Superintendent Speaks Out About Failing Schools

Keith Ballard

New school board member Suzanne Shreiber was sworn in Tuesday night, but we wanted to hear from school Superintendent Keith Ballard on camera about dozens of Tulsa schools dealing with Fs from the state A-F grade system.

"I think it is a misnomer to report we have 44 failing schools without making it clear that it is a flawed formula, but it certainly is my opinion that it is a flawed formula," Ballard said in his first on-camera interview since Tulsa's Channel 8's report on Tulsa failing schools.

He says a flawed system is the primary reason for the failing grades that multiplied this year. In our recent report at Emerson Elementary. 36 of 43 third graders were not reading on grade level.

Dr. Ballard says special programs can help students struggling in reading to improve.

"We need more financial assistance from the state so we can have extended day programs and extended year programs," Ballard said.

Web Extra: Watch Dr. Ballard's Full Interview