Tulsa Testing New Made-Market Eatery

There is a new trend to dining, that we will see first right here in Tulsa. The appeal is for those of us who want something good and wholesome, quickly and on the go.

The new eateries will go into Doubletree and Hilton establishments like San Antonio and Boston, soon. But Tulsa is the beta site for testing it out.

In this day and age, we are all on the go. But at Made-Market, you can grab a salad, a croissant and keep going, according to managers.

Made-Market is under construction. But it is happening in a very unlikely place, the Downtown Doubletree Hotel. The goal for them is give customers what they want, when they want it.

From the outside lobby, a huge mural shows you what the view will look like. There will a lounge area, for coffee and newspapers by day--and a bar, for the evenings.

You can sit down for breakfast, or grab a juice and go. Evenings, have a rotisserie chicken, sitting down, or packed up for home.

And the plan is to reach hotel guests, regular moms and dads as well as downtown residents and patrons.

"The hotel stays busy during events for the BOK center, so now this will be a perfect option to have before an event, grab a nice quick dinner, attend the event and then come back to the hotel and relax in the lounge," said Bruce Sneller, Doubletree Manager.

They still have a few more weeks before opening mid January, but they still need to hire 15 employees.