Tulsa Theater Production Approaches 60th Anniversary

Tulsa is home to the longest-running theater production in all of North America.

The Tulsa Spotlighters have been putting on The Drunkard, since November of 1953 and they're still going.

As a result, they are close to reaching their 60th anniversary.

The Drunkard was adapted from the story, 10 Nights In A Barroom.

It was written in 1854 and it was serious novel, that attacked the alcoholism that was rampant in this country at that time.

Long-time cast member, Larry Stockard, says both works are stories of good and evil.

A family faces severe struggles, when the head of the household is overcome by liquor.

Stockard says it's very different than what we're accustomed to seeing on the stage these days.

"This has a true element to it and the element of truth makes this story enduring."

At the same time the work is done with humor and fun, and there's a big element of audience participation.

The audience is encouraged to boo the villain and cheer the heroes.

Tulsa Spotlighters President, Wayne Hall, says people often walk away saying they've never seen anything like it before.

Halls says the show also provides acting opportunities for amateurs who want to give the stage a try.

"We don't require any acting experience, so a lot of people have gotten their acting start here."

He says its a great way to experience the arts and they're always looking for new cast members.

The open the door at 6:30 every Saturday night with The Drunkard starting at 7:30.

The box office can be reached at 918-587-5030.