Tulsa Tiger Cub Making "Astounding" Recovery

A Malayan tiger cub born at the Tulsa Zoo is now out of an animal hospital in Washington and in very good condition.

Last week, six month old Berani had to have emergency surgery after suffering respiratory distress syndrome.

Following surgery, he was listed in critical condition and the prognosis did not look good.

But veterinarians say he has made an astounding recovery. The head veterinarian at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma says she expects him to be back to being super playful very soon.

Berani has been released from the animal hospital and has rejoined his foster brother, Dumai. The two cubs are separated by a partition, but zookeepers say they greeted each other with vocal sounds.

Berani left the Tulsa Zoo when he was six weeks old to be hand-reared with a tiger cub at the Point Defiance Zoo so they could be raised together as playmates while learning appropriate tiger behavior from each other.