Tulsa To Allow Guns In Parks

As it is right now, parks in the city of Tulsa are gun-free zones, a status that's about to change.

"City of Tulsa we do not desire to have stricter gun restrictions than what state law allows," said Jarred Brejcha, of Mayor Bartlett's administration.

State law says it's ok to have guns in parks, so the city will soon be erasing it's current ordinance that keeps them out.

"We agree with the state law, and we should comply with state law," said Brejcha."Bad, bad idea, and bad law for sure," said Tulsa city councilor Jack Henderson. He says parks aren't the place for pistols."Parks is about kids having fun," he said.

Down at 41st and Riverside, that's exactly what kids were doing as people sounded off on the impeding change.

"I don't think guns need to be in parks," said Catherine Cresson."Who the hell needs a gun in a park?" asked Daniel Akers."Enough can go wrong when you have little kids in a park so I don't really see a point in adding one more potential hazard," said Craig Immel."I definitely don't think it's a place where you would need a gun," said Justin Vinson.

"Who's gonna take the blame if our child get, if they get shot?" asked Julia Lee Stokes. She is set to have a baby this September and was at the park today with her niece.

"The bullet has no name on it. So somebody could be shooting somebody to protect their self, but it could hit one of our children, and then who's at fault then? Right. So is it gonna be the city's fault? Are they gonna take blame for our children dying because of a stray bullet?" she asked.

An issue of safety or second amendment? A difficult dilemma as Tulsa opens the park gates to guns.

"We're gonna take this off the books and agree with state law," said Brejcha.

"Go back to the saloon days, that's right, ride horses, that's what people think of Oklahoma anyway," said Henderson.