Tulsa Tough Divas Have Fun

The Tulsa Tough Divas bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Girl Power." This group of amazing ladies was created to provide a friendly atmosphere for women to enjoy cycling. But it's evolved into something much more.

"It's not really a group, it's a sisterhood." said Lynn Schroeder, Tulsa Tough Divas, "We were talking about this the other day. It's a whole group of people who would otherwise have no reason to come into contact with each other. And we live all over northeast Oklahoma and Texas. We have some people from out of state coming. It's just become like a family."

Tulsa Tough Diva "Mom" Carol Bush adds, "The bike brought us together, but it really wasn't about the bike. It was this community of wonderful women, all shapes and sizes, all walks of life and just an incredible friendship developed."

This is a very supportive group. Whether it be personal issues off the bike or simply learning how to better execute their sport. Divas take care of Divas.

"We have some rules of the road." Bush said, "It's a no drop ride, so no Diva is left behind. And you can't say you're sorry. A lot of times women get into this sport ride with their significant other or their husband and they can't keep up them. Because they're fast or whatever. So, they don't stay with it. With this we have all different levels and those are the two main rules. Mostly have fun."

There is no question they do that. If you'd like to be a Diva just go to The ladies have their own page where you can learn more about how to channel your inner diva.

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