Tulsa Tough's Cry Baby Hill - A World Unto Its Own

From afar it looks like a free for all. Ok, even up close it looks kinda nuts when the Sandite cheerleader has a 5 o'clock shadow, Horse-head man is giving you two thumbs up, and a guy blaring sexy and I know it is shaking his wings at you. But there is a method to this madness."Can I tell you guy something? I live on this hill. I ride up this hill. It's hard," said one spectator.Hence the inherent value of just a brief distraction from the pain when you see something as simple as a guy with a Bud Light lime hat, or as majestic as Wonder Woman with a water bottle."This is my first year to dress up. I came last year and saw everybody dressed up, and I said next year. It's just all out," said Alicia Judy.A message clearly echoed by Chief Speedo in all his wonder."The racers love seeing all the shenanigans going on because this is a hard course, plain and simple," said Josh Downs.And for all the flamboyance, the focus is on the racers. Notice there's no barricades, no tape line. People are paying attention for the oncoming riders."This is amazing, we don't have this in California," said{}Page Devilbiss. She's part of a cycling team, armed with water bottles and pantyhose filled with ice."Our guys requested it because it's something that they can easily put into their jerseys, and can cool them down as the ice melts into their jerseys," she said.Other neat things to learn? That the Twinkie girl is not like this all the time."I'm just a Twinkie on the weekends," she said.That the woman with the unmistakable hat does not advise eating the salsa."I think probably 40 people have eaten out of here, so it's probably pretty gross right now," she said.And your moment of Zen? Brought to you by the Luchador."We've come to get some words of wisdom from the Luchador. I don't have any," he laughed.Crybaby Hill. A naughty incline, with a whole lotta niceness at the top.{}"Tulsa is on my radar," said a guy dressed as Santa.