Tulsa Trash System Still Working Out the Kinks

Tulsa's new trash system is still experiencing some growing pains. City Hall and NeWSolutions have been fielding calls this week with people's concerns.

Channel 8 caught up with neighbors in a South Tulsa neighborhood whose recycling bins have not yet been retrieved, despite their Monday pick-up date.

One of the homeowners filed a complaint with the city.

"If they're not ready yet, I understand that, but we shouldn't have to pay for the service that we're not getting."

NeWSolutions said that overall, things are going very well. The new system launched October 1st.

Still, NeWSolutions agrees there have been a few missed pick-ups. One of the owners, Marty Henson, said that is because new drivers are still learning their new routes.

"Once they drive that same route over and over, they will finally get it down to where it's like driving home to them," he said.

Henson asked customers for their patience for at least a month during this time of transition.

Henson also said customers are still a bit confused about trash vs. recycling pick-up times. He said the two services have two different crews, so they are picked up at different times of the day. However, he said both trash and recycling should be picked up by the evening.

Henson also asked that customers have their trash at the curb by 6 a.m. on pick-up days to prevent delays.

If you have any concerns with your trash, you may call the city at 918-596-9777.