Tulsa Travelers Could Experience Delays at the Tulsa Airport, and Others

More Americans are hitting the road and the airways for holiday travel. At the airport, you could see long lines. This morning travelers saw the first red messages of delayed flights.

Airlines are expecting some delays because of weather in parts of the country that could effect everyone.

We found one passenger waiting on a delayed plane from Chicago.

But this is just the start. You could see more delays, with 44-million passengers taking flight over the next 21-days into the new year.

Airlines are reporting that flights are 80-90 percent full. that means longer lines. Don't take chances--weather could effect travel to and from Tulsa.

"It could impact flights here. It has a ripple effect. If a hub like Chicago or Atlanta has delays, we are going to going to feel the effect of those delays," said Alexis Higgins of the Tulsa Airport Authority.