Tulsa Woman Accused of Stealing Dozens of IDs, Creating Credit Cards & Cell Phone Accounts

A Tulsa woman is charged with more than a dozen counts of identity theft and conspiracy to commit a felony after she was found with 21 brand-new cell phones in her possession, Tulsa Police said.

According to a police report, TPD got a report that 24-year-old Den Metra Sherman was stealing identity information and creating driver's licenses and credit cards under fake names to obtain credit cards, retail store charge cards and cell phone accounts.

An officer pulled her over and executed a search warrant, during which police found several fake ID cards, along with 21 new cell phones -- 17 iPhone 5s and four Galaxy S4s -- which were all still in their original boxes.

One of the victim's whose name was listed on a Pennsylvania ID card with Sherman's photo on it was found and interviewed by officers on the phone. She told them someone using her name had created credit cards pretending to be her at Target, Bass Pro Shop, Best Buy and JC Penny. She also said someone had opened cell phone accounts at AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Sherman is being held on bonds totaling more than $360,000. She's charged with 16 counts of identity theft, 16 counts of conspiracy to commit fraud, 16 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses and grand larceny.