Tulsa Woman Hits Vehicle Carrying 10-Month-Old

A 25-year-old female was arrested Thursday night after hitting a vehicle carrying an infant and fleeing the scene.

Ashley Stahl was charged with her third DUI Thursday after hitting a vehicle that was carrying a family with a 10-month-old child.

According to the arrest report, police said it happened around 9 p.m. when officers responded to the 500 block of S. Harvard. There they witnessed a maroon GMC Jimmy cross left of center and strike the vehicle

As officers stopped to help the family in the collision, Stahl fled the scene in the SUV and police began their pursuit.

Police were able to apprehend Stahl in front of Rogers High School after her vehicle stopped functioning due to damages from the collision. Officers then demanded Stahl to step out of the car who refused to exit the vehicle and surrender, but eventually did after several minutes of announcements from the officers.

The victims of the hit and run did not report any injuries and the 10-month-old was safe in the car seat, according to the release.

Stahl was taken to the Tulsa County Jail on charges including felony DUI, eluding, hit and run, obstruction of a police officer and various traffic violations.