Tulsa Woman Reunites with Service Dog

A Tulsa woman was reunited with her service dog after she found him missing from her backyard earlier this week. Aspen Rask told KTUL that her dog, Kai, was returned Friday morning. But on Tuesday, Rask discovered that someone came to her home in north Tulsa and stole her dog from the backyard. Rask has epilepsy and frequently suffers from seizures. Kai is her service dog and is almost always by her side. "I have seizures," Rask said. "He helps me with my seizures making sure I don't fall or if I have a seizure he helps me get to the ground or if it's pill time he normally just brings me my purse and stuff to remind me to take my medicine."Earlier this week when Kai went missing Rask feared that someone would mistake him for a normal dog. Kai removes the vest at night that indicates he's a service dog.