Tulsa Woman Says She Took The Power From Breast Cancer With A Double Mastectomy

A woman's breasts may define her, may shape her views about femininity and impact her self-esteem. Yet some women are making the sacrifice, with a prophylactic mastectomy to avoid breast cancer, like Angelina Jolie just announced she did.

Here in Tulsa, there are families dealing with the BRCA genes and mutations that increase their chances of breast cancer. Today, Veronica Lechtenberger spoke out about her experience, saying she took her power back from cancer.

Lechtenberger was 40-years old, in her prime, loving life and family with her husband Brad. That's when she found out she had ovarian cancer. Nearly a year of treatments, and a hysterectomy later, she learned she had the BRCA1 gene mutation. That meant a 92-percent chance of breast cancer. Two of her aunts had the disease and had mastectomies.

Veronica decided she would have the surgery as well, to prevent breast cancer. She had her breasts removed and reconstructed.

"I've not thought twice about it at all. I am happy with the way I look. I am happy that I know I fought cancer once more and it's not gonna come back{<}' she said. Veronica has her blood tested every three months, because of the ovarian cancer.

Now, she and Brad travel and she lives life to the fullest. She does have scars from her reconstructive surgery but says they are reminder that she survived!