Tulsa Woman Who Pushed Husband Out Window Gets 25 Years

Judge Kurt Glassco handed down a 25 year sentence Tuesday to the woman who pushed her husband out of their high rise apartment window to his death.

Jurors found Amber Hilberling, 21, guilty of second degree murder last month in the death of her husband, Joshua. The jury recommended the 25-year sentence.

Hilberling will need to serve 85 percent of her sentence before she is eligible for early release, meaning she will be in prison for 21 years and 3 months. She's being given credit for the 15 months she has already spent behind bars.

Prosecutor Michelle Keely said the sentence was appropriate. She believes the jury might have selected the 25 year sentence based on the 25th floor window Joshua fell from.

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Hilbering testified in her own defense during the trial, saying she pushed her husband in self-defense following a struggle.

"Amber feels like she was not able to tell some things that she wanted to tell," said Hilberling's attorney Jasen Corns. "Such as why they were fighting that day, and some of the decisions Josh had been making in his life, gotten him in a lot of trouble."

Corns said he hopes some of this information comes to light in the appeals process. He and April Seibert will confer with Hilberling's new attorney Clark Brewster over the next few days to prepare him for appeal.

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Hilberling's legal team said it is common practice in Tulsa County for judges to confirm jury's sentences, so Hilberling was not unprepared for Tuesday's news. They had hoped that the judge would consider the jury's note in his decision. It was a note that the jury wrote to the judge in deliberation, asking whether or not it's recommended sentence could be modified. Seibert said that was an indication that they wanted the judge to use his discretion.

Amber Hilberling was seven months pregnant at the time of the incident. Hilberling's son is currently in her family's custody.

Family members said the child, Levi, is doing well, but they will fight to bring Amber home to him.

"Justice was not done today. Amber is innocent. Her side will be told," said Hilberling's grandmother Gloria Bowers.

Joshua Hilberling's family said they are pleased with the judge's sentence but know that it will never bring Josh back.

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