Tulsa Zoo Announces Plans For New Tiger Exhibit

The Tulsa Zoo announces it's received a gift from the Helmerich Foundation to fund a new tiger exhibit.

In honor of the gift, the Zoo will name the new facility Lost Kingdom: The Helmerich Tiger Exhibit.

It will be part of the Lost Kingdom complex which also includes the new Hardesty Snow Leopard habitat which was funded by a contribution from the Hardesty Family Foundation.

The Lost Kingdom Complex is scheduled to open in 2015.

The Zoo says the complex will feature an immense setting where guests can roam ancient Asian ruins and experience up-close encounters with tigers, Komodo dragons, snow leopards and other species.

The Tulsa Zoo could also benefit from approval of the Vision 2 Tax Extension.

If approved, the Zoo is slated to receive $20 million in capital development which would be used to build the new African Plains exhibit and an African Forest exhibit, featuring chimpanzees and gorillas.