Tulsa Zoo Welcomes Newest Jaguar Addition

Tulsa Zoo officials announced this week the addition of a jaguar cub.

A release from the zoo stated that the cub was born March 26 making it the third jaguar to be born in Tulsa. The zoo is located north of the airport.

The unnamed cub was born to jaguars Ixchel and Bebeto. Its sibling did not survive the birthing process, according to the statement from the zoo.

Zoo staff continue to closely monitor Ixchel and her cub from remote cameras to ensure proper development and nursing. Both will remain in a private den for the meantime.

Native to the tropical rainforests of Mexico, Central and South America, jaguars are considered near threatened due to habitat loss. There are currently more than 100 jaguars in North American-accredited AZA zoos, while it is estimated that 10,000 jaguars currently exist in the wild.