Tulsan Arrested for Impersonating Peace Officer, Burglary

A Tulsa man was arrested by Sand Springs police just after midnight on Monday on complaints of burglary and impersonating a peace officer.

SSPD received multiple statements from victims who said a suspect proclaiming to be a security officer was asking for a password to their stolen computer so that he could file a report.

The suspect, Frank Sudduth, 23, would wear a shirt saying "police" across the back and tell the victims he needed the password to their stolen computer, police say. The victims suspected something was wrong and alerted police.

One of the victims was Sudduth's neighbor, located at apartments in the area of 7700 West Parkway Boulevard.

SSPD located Sudduth and questioned him about the multiple incidents. Sudduth reportedly told police that his roommate was a security officer at the University of Tulsa. Sudduth then said he was gathering passwords to the stolen computers to assist with the reports of the laptop being stolen.

Police learned that the shirt labeled "police" on the back was Sudduth's roommate's shirt, as Sudduth's roommate had just reportedly taken a job at the Kiefer Police Department.

Eventually, Sudduth reportedly admitted to entering the apartment next door, along with taking some jewelry in the apartment and giving it to a friend. Sudduth allegedly told police he dropped the stolen laptop out of the window of his apartment upon the arrival of the police because he did not want to get caught.

Sudduth's roommate said he didn't know anything about laptops being stolen.

Sudduth is being held on $7,000 bond.

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