Tulsans Protest Against Middle East Violence

The conflict may be half a world away, but the passions could be felt just down the street.

"I'm for a free Palestine, I'm for a free Gaza, I'm for humanity," said one man.

Dozens of people descending on the corner of 71st and Memorial, hoping for an end to the violence.

"I'm not against muslims, Jews, or Christians, I just want us all to live on peace," said one woman.

But that is a tall order, when you consider that even though we're half a world away, you can feel the tension right here.

"Palestinians have been occupied illegally by the Zionist regime in Israel," said Mohammed Momennia, working on one of several signs with a very direct message.

"Obviously Israel doesn't understand the language of democracy," he said.

Meanwhile, clearly outnumbered in the crowd...

"I'm a lone voice in the wilderness it appears," said Tim Coleman, one of just two people we found who supported Israel at the event.

"As a Christian, you're supposed to support and defend Israel. And if you're standing with God you stand with Israel, and that's what I'm doing," he said.

Meanwhile, down the street at the Jewish Federation of Tulsa...

"This is about survival," said Executive Director Drew Diamond.

A subject clearly on display in their museum, and clearly not just a thing of the past.

When Hamas says that their goal is to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews in Israel, then this is what's going to happen in terms of a defensive posture," he said.

Which brings us back to that street corner and that singular question that no one yet has been able to answer; When will it finally end?

"You know what? It's not gonna stop. Wars been going on over there for thousands of yearsThosese people are never gonna get along. There's gonna be war over there till the end of time," said Steve Davis.

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