Tulsans React to More Gun Control Proposals

If you were to purchase a gun today, you would fill out an FBI background form. The process could take from a few minutes up to a few days. But now, the background check could become more strict.

We stopped by 2A Shooting Center today where one gun check today took about 45 minutes with the clerk on the telephone. The checks have taken longer with more gun sales.

The gun shelves at 2A Shooting Center were bare in some places. President Obama has urged congress to ban assault weapons and high-caliber magazine clips, which fire round after round.

Customers have been buying those clips, just in case it happens. They've also purchased all of the Glock nine millimeter pistols. Even common weapons have been sold in unprecedented numbers, which is not exactly good for the gun shop business in the long run.

"If this continues for a long period of time, there are going to be gun owners that are no longer to make payroll, no longer able to pay bills because they have nothing to sell," said Eric Fuson, general manager.

At 2A, they have some guns for sale on a consignment basis. That's because supply is so low, but demand is high. Customers may sell their guns at nearly double the price they paid a year ago.