Tulsans Run To Remember Boston

Appropriately, part of the run today went down Boston Avenue.

"Yeah it was, it was terrible," said Keith Landers recalling the Boston marathon bombings. "It was devastating," said Seleste King."You can gather a lot of strength from a tragedy like this," said Tim Dreiling.

Many of Monday's runners wore a blue shirt with a message of solidarity.

"You're basically just saying hey we're there with you, we're supporting you," said Landers.

When the bombs went off last year...

"I have a best friend that lives in Boston and I just, last year when the bombing happened, I just got fired up, I got mad," said Ben Randle."You know it's just like when you're running and something happens and you get injured, it makes you want to run even more to fight to come back and do it even better the next time," said King.

And so there they were, 1,600 miles from Boston, without cheering fans, but with a baby stroller and golden retriever in the pack. A small envoy of strength; of regular Joe's and Jane's making a statement of perseverance.

"It's been a year and we're stronger than we were before," said King.

"It was a bad day but we turned a lot of that into good," said Randle.Theyy tried to wreck the spirit of the marathon, they couldn't do that," said Clark.