Tulsans Try To Lure Trader Joe's

It's one of those businesses that has a diehard fan base. Trader Joe's. The nearest one to us is 200 miles away, but their Tulsa Facebook fan page has over 3,000 members.

"Our hope is to go beyond the like button on Facebook," said Brian Paschal, Executive Director of Tulsa's Young Professionals.

To do that, the TYPRO's is staging a unique show of support.

"We'll make a run up there, bring it back, and have a pop up grocery store downtown," said Hillary Parkhurst of TYPRO's.

A simple yet bold statement for the launch of the groups 'Bring it to Tulsa' initiative, letting companies know that, 'Hello, you've got interested consumers just waiting for you.'

"Whether or not they'd come is a whole other thing, that we're not worried about, what we want to do is just show the enthusiasm and passion," said Paschal.

How's it work? Visit the TYPRO's web site, click on a number of products, TYPRO's takes a Uhaul to Kansas, and on February 16th you pick up your stuff downtown, as TYPRO's picks your brain.

"We're going to ask people that come in, what zip code they came from and our guess is that we're going to se a lot of people that don't live near downtown that were willing to drive several miles to come to a grocery store such as Trader Joe's," said Paschal.

An approach to recruitment as unique as peanut butter filled pretzels. As for future Bring it to Tulsa campaigns? Possibilities include, H&M, Crate & Barrel, and Urban Outfitters.

"There's a need for it, we want it, it's something that our young professionals are interested in," said Parkhurst.