TulsaPeople: Meth Mess

While Oklahoma leads the nation in many great ways, the state holds a dubious distinction thanks to its meth epidemic.

TulsaPeople magazine highlights the problem in the third part of its "Unacceptable: Oklahoma at the Bottom" series.

The article, "Meth Mess" by Jennie Lloyd, centers on the life and story of Kimberly Cummings. She was arrested in 2009 for meth possession, but has turned her life around.

Mike Brose with the Mental Health Association of Tulsa stopped by KTUL Thursday to talk about how his organization helps folks recover.

He said the problem is tearing apart lives, and costing taxpayers millions.

"We've got a use problem. The way we're going at this is bad economics. It's very cost ineffective. We're not using the taxpayer dollars wisely," he said.

Brose said the better way to approach the problem is with treatment and rehabilitation up front, rather than incarceration downstream from the epidemic.

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