Tulsa's Channel 8 Toy Drive Kicks Off, Join Us!

Thousands of children stand a chance of not having gifts this Christmas. But Channel 8 is making sure that many of them will have presents on Christmas day with our Tulsa's Channel 8 Toy Drive.

The U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots has been around since 1947. And here at Channel 8, we've had our own toy drive, for years.

This year we decided to benefit the Marines and their Toys For Tots. So there is a toy box in our foyer for employees to fill with gifts.

And we asked every fire department in northeast Oklahoma to accept donations. Last year the Marine Corps gave away 60-thousand gifts.

So far this year 10-thousand children have signed up And KTUL Channel 8 plans to be there for those families.

"Not all the time what we put on the air, is good news, because we report bad news so you want to feel good about what you do. And this is one cause that makes us feel good about what we do for our community," said Pat Baldwin, Marine and General Manager at KTUL.

Drop gifts off at any neighborhood fire station, by December 10th. That is when Marines will start collecting gifts, preparing for the big give-away.