Tulsa's DeAundre Brown Is Sacking The Nation

The Tulsa Golden Hurricane have been winning games the old fashioned way. It's been with a productive run game and a stout defense.

Tulsa leads the nation in tackles for loss and sacks. The Golden Hurricane have 33 sacks on the year.

Almost a fourth of those come from DeAundre Brown, this week's Conference USA Defensive Player of the Week.

He has eight sacks on the year and leads the team in tackles with 69.

"I'm sure glad we're playing with him instead of against him. He is a productive son of a gun." TU Head Football Coach Bill Blankenship said, "You know one of the things I like about him right now is he is having fun. He's one of the team leaders on keeping the team focused on doing things the right way. And that's not always been DeAundre's M.O."

Tulsa host Rice this Saturday against 2-5 Rice at 2:30pm at Chapman Stadium.