Tulsa's Historic Blair Mansion to be Deconstructed

Due to an inability to find a relocation destination, the historic Blair Mansion will be deconstructed, according to owner Daniel Buford.

The property on which the home resides, at 2800 South Boston Avenue, will now become a part of A Gathering Place for Tulsa, the 66-acre park planned along Riverside Drive.

Buford said that he explored every option, but with the size of the house, relocation was not feasible.

"Due to the size and current location of the house, as well as the bridge restrictions in the area, it is not possible to move the structure under the overpasses on the only exit routes available without significant damage to or deconstruction of the structure," Buford said in a release.

Despite being sad about the deconstruction of the home, Buford also mentioned he is excited for the future Gathering Place.

"As sad as I am about taking the structure down, I am equally excited about the future of this property and the enjoyment and benefits it will bring to our residents and visitors," Buford said.

Project manager for A Gathering Place for Tulsa Jeff Stava said that the deconstruction of the Blair Mansion was never part of the plan for Tulsa's Gathering Place.

"The architectural plan for A Gathering Place for Tulsa has never included the house. After the sale of the property to GKFF, the Buford's remained responsible for the house and planned on relocating it, but that proved to not be possible," Stava said.