Tulsa's Met Disposes of Hazardous Household Chemicals This Weekend

Carts full of Hazardous Household Waste wait to be sorted at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds, Saturday Afternoon.

When was the last time you checked that bottle of bleach under your sink?, or that old car battery sitting on the shelf in the garage? If they've been there for more than a decade or more it's probably a good time to get rid of it.

Tulsa's Metropolitan Environmental Trust is helping you do a little house cleaning this weekend by disposing of some of those old hazardous chemicals that may be laying around your home.

The Met's Annie Brady tells, "a lot of people don't know the chemicals they're storing in their house are hazardous and can potentially can be very harmful if spilt or a child gets ahold of them." She adds, they'll be taking "a lot of different things" and that they just want to "make our homes, our community and our planet safer."

Brady says you can bring anything from fluorescent lightbulbs to small ammunition. Even expired medication can be dumped off. The only things they will not take is ammunition over .50 caliber and latex paint. For a complete list of what you can and can not bring you can check out The Met's website.

The Met will be back at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds on Sunday from 10am until 3pm, collecting hazardous waste. Folks looking to dump off should enter the fairgrounds through Gate 7 off of 15th Street.