Tulsa's Own Shawn Jackson Prepares For A Shot In The League

Students all across the country are preparing for life after college. University of Tulsa senior Shawn Jackson is no different. In May, he'll be getting his degree in Organizational Studies in Education.

When he receives his diploma he will have accomplished a major goal.

But Shawn is also hoping to make the grade in the eyes of NFL scouts and fulfill a dream.

"I would probably cry. To be honest I probably would." said Jackson, I love to play football. Any coaches will tell you I love to play football. It's something I've done all my life and to get paid to do something you practice for free all your life would be a blessing."

When Shawn done with class. He hits the gym. He's training like never before. He's working on technique to get faster and has made the commitment to drop some weight to show the scouts.. He's in shape.

"It's definitely intense. It's just grinding. you just want to keep grinding. It's a different level." said Jackson, "I have to work harder than I ever have before. This treadmill workout is tough. Awe man, the first day this treadmill kicked my butt, but as I kept working out there I got better and better. I'm trying to be calm about the whole situation because if God willing I'm going to have a chance to make my dream come true."

There is no question Shawn wants to make an NFL team to better himself and make his family proud. But he also wants to realize his dream for all the kids from his Alma mater of McLain high school.

"It's something that I think will help my community." Jackson said, "Just something that the kids can look forward to. If I can be one of those people, if Shawn Jackson did it you know what I mean. I will definitely set an example for the young kids in my community that probably don't have much to look forward to. I just hope I can reach those kids anyway I can."

If the powers at be in the NFL are looking for a character guy and a player who always seems to be around the football, then Shawn Jackson should get a shot to prove himself in the League.