Tulsa's SPCA: No Black Cat Adoptions In October

Tulsa's local animal shelter is saying no to some adoptions, because Halloween is fast approaching.

The city's SPCA has placed this sign saying, "Sorry, no black cats are available for adoption during October."

That's because every year they say some people don't have great intentions for the cat connected to the upcoming holiday.

Despite the sign saying they're not available, they will make special exceptions if a family passes their test.

"We're watching the family, how they interact with the cats," says Lori Hall, executive director of Tulsa's SPCA. "We run them through our normal reference checks, vet checks, landlord checks, everything to make sure they can have a pet."

One of the cats available is Rue, who lost an eye in the Creek County wildfires earlier this year.

Contact the SPCA for more information.