Tulsa's Young Professionals Target North Tulsa Improvements

Tulsa's Young Professionals set up Friday for its third annual "Street Cred" event this weekend. The event attempts to spark conversation that translates into beneficial development for the area. This weekend the event is targeting 36th Street North and Peoria.

"We know that we're only here a day," said TYPros Executive Director Brian Paschal. "Our hope is it sparks conversation and additional permanent change."

The event features live music, food vendors, art, and more.

Street Cred hopes to convey two areas for improvement in that North Tulsa area: fresh food shopping opportunities and transit. TYPros said the area is a food desert and fresh food is unavailable for two miles in any direction from that intersection. It hopes to inspire additional grocery or food businesses in the area.

TYPros set up a pop-up bus stop at the intersection as well to spark conversations about transit. It is running trolleys from Guthrie Green to 36th Street North and Peoria to show how the area could benefit from an expanded bus system. TYPros is hoping to encourage the Peoria Bus Rapid Transit Project, which would run from Peoria and 66th Street North to 81st and Lewis. It would reportedly double service frequency to 15 minutes.

Upon learning of the plan, North Tulsa resident Cassandra Crowley said, "I think it'd be pretty cool."

Volunteer coordinator Isaac Rocha said neighborhood feedback has been crucial to the Street Cred event.

"We've been reaching out to the community for about a year now this time, and we've been meeting consecutively and consistently getting feedback, seeing what they're wanting us to do in this community," said Rocha. He said about 100 volunteers. have been involved in the project over the past three weeks.

TYPros said it has held previous Street Cred events in the Pearl District and Red Fork. Since then, the organization said it has noticed major improvements in those areas. It hopes to see the same thing in North Tulsa.

"Hopefully in a year or two, we're back up here, and we're seeing a lot of the progress that we're doing for a weekend is here permanently," said Paschal.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday.