Turley Grass Fire Knocked Out Promptly

A grass fire in the are of the 6100 North Osage in Turley burned through fields and posed danger to homes today.

A fire captain on scene, Spencer Yeager, approximated that the fire burned between 50 and 60 acres.

A quick response from the multiple fire departments responding to the fire resulted in the fire getting knocked down quickly, before it could cause significant damage.

The fire departments had crews near the homes that could have been threatened by the fire but ultimately the grass fire did not get to close to any homes.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this point but Yeager stressed that it does not take much to start a fire in these dry, windy conditions.

Turley resident Warren Johnson was worried about the fire on his way home and came home to find that the fire had burned through his neighbor's field, without doing much damage to his.

Johnson acknowledged that it can be slightly dangerous to live in the country when these sorts of grass fires occur, because of how quickly they can spread.