'Turn Tulsa Pink' Loses Tax-Exempt Status After Failure to File Proper Form

The IRS revoked Turn Tulsa Pink's tax-exempt status in May, after the organization failed to file Form 990. The program director took to Facebook to clear the air, saying she did not receive notification of the change until August 17.

If you made a donation to the popular non-profit organization after May 15, it turns out, it was not tax deductible. Director Judi Grove says the failure to film the form was due to an administrative oversight.

"I want to assure everyone who has supported the Turn Tulsa Pink Project under Breast Impressions Foundation, that all of the funds we have collected have gone to the charities we support, individuals we were able to help fighting the battle who did not fit the criteria of the charities guidelines, and we have provided scholarships to college bound students affected by cancer," said Grove's statement.

Tulsa attorney, David McKinney represents several non-profits and says changes to the filing requirements for charitable organizations in recent years, make this sort of thing more common.

The charitable arm of the Breast Impressions foundation started as a fundraiser in 2011 and is now a full-blown charity organization with several sponsors, including some who have donated over $5,000, according to their website.

"It's one of those things that catches a lot of charities that have been around for a while and haven't had a whole lot of receipts. Frequently, they have volunteer staffs and things slip by," McKinney said.

Grove said on Facebook that she took all necessary steps to have the IRS reinstate the organization's tax-exempt status, immediately after learning of the change. She pointed out that an event planned for September 21 will go on as planned and that the need for donations is still great.

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