Turnaround in Seasonal and Temp Job Market

The nation's unemployment rate climbed to 9.8% in November, a seven month high, as hiring slowed. But locally, it's a different story if you're looking for temporary work that could lead to a full-time job. Casey Lamb, president of American StaffCorp in Tulsa put it this way:{} "We are as busy as ever.{} The jobs are there.{} We need people."Nationally and locally the slogan could be: What a difference a year makes in U.S. retail.{}{}{} Estimates say stores nationwide will add some 600,000 seasonal workers this holiday, up 20% from 2009. In Tulsa, there are plenty of temp jobs available that may turn into full-time positions, according to Lamb.{} "It's nothing compared to last year," he says, when there were few jobs to pick from, and far too many qualified workers to fill them. So who's hiring?

  • Call centers paying $10-$15/hr.
  • Warehouse work also $10-$15/hr.
  • Welders and machine operators at $15-$22/hr.

And unlike strictly seasonal work, these jobs could turn into something more... a full-time position.{}{}