Turning to Yoga For Health Wellness

It's something everyone is talking about, the high cost of healthcare. Now, many people are changing their approach and turning to personal wellness exercises as a way to cut expenses. In fact, we found several people across the metro who are turning to yoga."Yoga came in with, desperately needing to heal. I needed to heal my body. I needed to heal my spirit," says Christine Standish.Standish has survived two battles with breast cancer starting in 2002. She says the total treatment took about a year and after that year she needed something for her."I needed to be able to connect with my mind and my body, and just get it simple, and say I want to move, I want to be flexible, I want to still be able to do things," says Standish.Healing from cancer isn't the only thing experts say yoga can help."Certainly the preventive health and the mindfulness. The calming and meditative process of the practice, can help with anxiety depression and things like that," says nursing IT analyst, Jon Hart.The breathing exercise can also help people that suffer from asthma. Studies show that yoga can also help with the everyday body aches and pain. But the answer for all these medical things will not come in a one time visit."Two weeks after you have done your first class, you aren't going to magically be able to think back to your class and go oh I'm calm again. But it's the sustained practice over time, definitely elevates much of the anxieties that we face in our lives," says Hart.For Standish and her struggle with breast cancer, this was one of the things that got her up and moving again. She still has to wear compression sleeves during yoga for her circulation. She says anyone can do this."yoga, its about middle aged women, who are just trying to survive, to make it. We all have to find what works for us," says Standish.Many doctors are also prescribing yoga as physical therapy after a serious injury. It's used to restore weak muscles and restore normal body movement and functions.