Turning up the Heat? Stay Safe!

You may already be changing the temperature in your house, or battling with family members about how hot or cold it is. But experts want you to have your actual heating unit checked out.

The Red Cross says during the coldest months, they will go out to as many as three fires a day. For that reason, they are urging you to check out your source of heating, with a heating company.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is the dangerous gas you cant see or smell. And also there is a big concern about fire safety.

You need an expert to make sure your flame is the right color. That there are no fire hazards--for you and your family.

If you need a space heater, for those hard to heat areas, handle them safely.

"You need to have them on a level surface a non flammable surface, don't' put them on carpet don't' put them on linoleum. Tile is a great place to use your space. And then make sure you never leave your space heater unattended," said Donita Quesnel of the Tulsa Red Cross Chapter.

Having your heating system checked out could cost around 40-bucks, but could save you a lot of heart break.

Don't' forget check out your smoke alarms. Put in new batteries.