Tulsa Man Sails the Arkansas, Sees Its Importance to the Town

It's a territory normally monopolized by water fowl, but lately...

"I'm going to go for the ducks," said Mike Wedel.

The feathered paddle group has had some competition.

"We're just out here sailing on the Arkansas river," he said.

He and his daughter Michelle...

"It's just really fun like just to see the ducks and the sunset," she said.

Advocates for water in the river, keeping the initiative afloat on the heels of a Vision 2 defeat.

"I think a lot of people don't realize how much, now Tulsa really is in the river," he said

The views just a hundred yards out are spectacular, whether it's rousing geese to take flight, or going under the 21st street bridge. Views that inspire envy from the shore.

"I've actually taken a lot of people from the bar out, they've come over and seen how much fun I'm having and they'll say hey I'll buy you a beer if you take me out and so, I'm like ok, that's cool," he said.

The river's ambassador. Recruiting support one passenger at a time.

"Enjoy what we have and let's build some more.," he said.