"Twi-Hards" Line up Hours In Advance Of "Breaking Dawn 2"

Midnight marks the first showing of "Twilight's: Breaking Dawn 2" here in Tulsa.

It is the very last movie in the saga written by author Stephanie Meyers.

So of course, folks were lined up early to get a good seat Thursday.

We found several "Twi-Hards" at the Cinemark Cinema near 71st & Highway 169.

They're playing cards to pass the time.

They say, getting there hours in advance was well worth it to beat the crowds .

Erica Justice loves Edward Cullen and says, "Last year it was crowded. There were people outside. People getting mad. It was crazy."

All day Thursday, Cinemark had a "Twilight" movie marathon, so fans could watch the first four movies again prior to the premiere.